About Us

The Al-Kafaàt University was established by the Al-Kafaàt Foundation in 1999.
It is a private, young and dynamic institution that delivers affordable and hands-on education at the heart of a barriers-free Campus in Ain-Saadeh.

Schools and Departments

The Al-Kafaàt University delivers a barriers-free, affordable and hands-on university education in 18 fields of study, in four well established Schools: The Ghassan Barrage School of Business, The School of Education, The School of Arts and Advertising, and The School of Technology.


New applicants are accepted starting May 1st of every year. Learn more about our enrollment procedure.

Campus Life

The Al-Kafaàt University is at the heart of the beautiful Al-Kafaàt Campus: a 60,000 square meters barriers-free Campus located in the Ain-Saadeh village pine trees forest and overlooking Beirut.

The Nadeem and Lily Shwayri Scholarship

The Nadeem and Lily Shwayri Scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis to four outstanding high school students, each applying to one of the four Schools at the Al-Kafaàt University.